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Design. Collect. Report

Complete customisable business management system

VerlFlow is a unique Work Flow Process Management tool which gives you the power and flexibility to design your own Business Reporting System in a matter of minutes. Customize reports to capture the information that matters to you.

Increase staff efficiency and save time for your customers by simplifying data gathering processes to generate top quality reports as defined by your individual Business needs. Experience and discover a new kind of reporting with VerlFlow.

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Workflow Process How does Verl help you manage your workflow.

Feature 1

Design Your Way

Build your own Business Process Management system tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. Our backoffice administration portal allows you to define exactly how your workflow should behave, and control who has access to change them.

Feature 2

Collect Business as Usual

Make your organisation more transparent with your targets and service level agreements. See how many "business as usual" tasks are outstanding, or waiting for your input in realtime. Improve and organise the communication within your company.

Feature 3

Report Information

Get instant reports on your phone, tablet or desktop with our simple report building tools. Have them scheduled to run at a certain time and delivered straight to your inbox. Receive text messages when important management decisions need to be made.

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Verl Flow

Sign up today for free to see exactly how VerlFlow works and how it can help improve your orgsniations performance and process visibility.

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